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We are only satisfied when our customers are enthusiastic – why good customer service is the greatest good

    In a world that is moving ever faster and takes place more and more in digital media and platforms, interpersonal relationships are often forgotten. That’s why today we want to pay special attention to why good customer service and, above all, customer satisfaction is our greatest asset.

    We would like to share a little anecdote from the past: During the turbulent pandemic times, many companies faced unforeseen challenges. One of our long-standing partners was suddenly on the verge of bankruptcy. The pandemic caused extreme delivery bottlenecks in the electronics industry, which meant that urgently needed components not only became in short supply, but were no longer available anywhere. This in turn meant that our partner’s production had to be stopped. This case wasn’t just about some number at the end of a bill, jobs and livelihoods were at stake. It was immediately clear to us: We can help!

    Our mission: KEEP MOVING. We keep your business running. Same in this case! In order to first of all strengthen our partner’s liquidity and relieve him of financial burden, we acquired parts of his inventory. Thanks to our dedicated team, who pulled out all the stops and our global network, we were able to locate and procure the urgently needed components. And then it continued: With determination, efficiency and compassion, together we were able to ensure that our partner was able to resume production and that employees remained employed.

    Our 5 key takeaways:

    • The semiconductor industry is a people business
    • Communication is key
    • Speed ​​and efficiency
    • Solution orientation
    • Consistency and reliability

    We tell this story not only because we are particularly proud of our team, but because it shows one thing particularly well: Even in an industry that is actually about semiconductors and electronic components, it is always about the people behind them the togetherness. Only by internalizing this lesson can you cultivate sustainable partnerships and maintain long-term business relationships.

    We understand that clear and honest communication is essential. Especially in times of crises and challenges, our customers and partners can rely on us to listen to them and take their concerns seriously. Our global network helps us and often makes the difference. We are here and reachable – everywhere in the world. We attach great importance to speed and efficiency. We rely on speed and efficiency, especially in situations where others have already given up. We know that our customers’ time is valuable, and that’s why our goal is to process their concerns quickly and efficiently. Long waiting times and delays are not our style and, above all, they cost money – or in the worst case, even jobs. We pride ourselves on always being able to offer a quick response and solution to your problems. It’s not possible, we don’t have it While others are forced to stand still, we are keeping our customers’ businesses moving. Giving up is not an option – not for our customers and especially not for us! Our solution orientation is one of our strengths. That’s why our employees are trained to effectively identify problems and find practical solutions. We have the knowledge and network necessary to make the impossible possible.

    You can rely on us…
    …and we are only satisfied when our customers are thrilled. We are always looking for the best solution, the best product – in the right quantity and at the right time. Our customers can rely on that. Our customers should know that in CHIP GERMANY they have a reliable partner who offers them the know-how and support they need to keep their processes running smoothly. We always go further. In unstable times, we are the constant of our customers, with whom we pursue a common goal shoulder-to-shoulder: keeping your business running.