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The new In-House Testing Lab

At CHIP GERMANY, quality comes first. Our commitment to excellent products and services is reflected in the construction of our new in-house test lab, “THE LAB”. This project marks a significant step in our journey to ensure the highest quality in all areas of our business.

New possibilities with “THE LAB” – Our test lab for top quality

  1. ESD Certification:
    One of our main priorities is certification according to the strictest ESD standards to ensure that sensitive electronic parts and components are optimally protected.
  2. State-of-the-art equipment:
    We invest in state-of-the-art test equipment and facilities to ensure that “THE LAB” is equipped to perform a wide range of tests and quality checks. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive testing infrastructure to ensure the quality and performance of our products.
  3. comprehensive testing capabilities:
    “THE LAB” will perform a wide range of testing, including electrical testing, mechanical testing, life testing and temperature testing. We are committed to ensuring that the components we sell meet the highest quality standards.
  4. qualified technical staff:
    Our highly qualified LAB team, consisting of experienced professionals and technicians, will perform these tests. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in quality assurance and testing of semiconductors and electronic components.
The establishment of “THE LAB” underscores our firm commitment to quality and safety. The opening will enable us to have even greater control over our products and services and ensure that they always meet the highest quality standards.
We look forward to “THE LAB” becoming fully operational in the near future and undoubtedly providing our customers with even more reliable and higher quality electronic components. CHIP GERMANY remains consistently committed to innovation and excellence in everything we do.