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Employees are the heart of a company. At CHIP GERMANY, we understand that our employees are our most valuable asset. Our workforce is as diverse as the world of components from which we come. Their passion, expertise and dedication are key to our success.
Our employees bring different perspectives and skills that fuel our innovation. Their diversity is our strength and enables us to operate on a global scale and meet the needs of our customers in an ever-changing industry.
We value our employees not only for their technical expertise, but also for their creativity, team spirit and commitment. Their enthusiasm for electronics and their tireless commitment are the engine that drives us. At CHIP GERMANY, our employees are not just part of a team, they are part of a family built on trust, respect and cooperation. Our employees are our most valuable asset, and they are the reason why we are successful today and optimistic about the future.


He is the founder and the driving force behind CHIP GERMANY. KEEP MOVING is its essence. New ideas and new paths don’t scare him. He knows what he wants and how to get it.




Her heart beats not only for the city of Cologne, but also for her long-standing customers. She fights like a lioness and knows what her customers need even before she picks up the phone.




She always finds a way. No matter what, no matter where, no matter when. From the idea to the implementation of the project, she creates structured paths, means and involves people to get what she wants.




He is the founder and the heart of CHIP GERMANY. Nothing works at headquarters without him. You can’t fool him. From sourcing to sales – he has sat in every seat.





She has been an integral part of the Chip Germany team for years. With her charm, she wraps every supplier around her finger.





She is part of the international purchasing team, where she is responsible for purchasing components and evaluating Chinese suppliers. As a native of China, she knows the market like no other.




He sets the department budgets, does the accounting and takes care of contracts. So don’t mess with Shabir – he has the means and knows the ways.





He is in charge of the warehouse and logistics. The trucking drivers have already saved it on speed dial. Even if he sometimes seems unstructured, there is discipline and order in his camp.




He does international sales and supports the research team. The more demanding the customer’s request, the better. For his customers, no distance is too long and no mountain too high.




He takes care of international sales with a focus on Eastern Europe. For him, the customer is definitely king. He fights with heart and soul for every customer request.