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New look for CHIP GERMANY – our brand identity.

    We have been at our customers’ side since our founding in 2012. Together we celebrated successes and mastered challenges. After more than ten years, it was with a heavy heart that we decided to say goodbye – to our old look. Similar to clothing, you eventually outgrow it. It was therefore necessary to rethink the CHIP GERMANY brand and establish it as the “go-to brand” among our target groups. After all, we are undisputed experts in the semiconductor industry procurement market. CHIP GERMANY is honest, respectful, open-minded, courageous, innovative, fast, reliable, loud, inclusive and invests in the future – that’s exactly what we want to show even more in the future.

    What does this mean for our customers?

    Visually, a lot has changed for us, we admit that. But what does that mean for our customers and day-to-day business? We continue to give everything for our customers and our brand essence expresses it: “We keep your company running competently!” Even more: “We ensure that you are still ahead tomorrow and stay ahead!” That is our claim : We are only satisfied when our customers are enthusiastic. We are always looking for the best solution, the best product – in the right quantity and at the right time. Our customers can rely on that. Our customers should know that in CHIP GERMANY they have a reliable partner who offers them the know-how and support they need to keep their processes moving smoothly.

    We stay on the move – Keep Moving.

    While others are forced to stand still, we are keeping our customers’ businesses moving. Giving up is not an option – not for our customers and especially not for us!

    We always go further. In unstable times, we are the constant of our customers, with whom we pursue a common goal shoulder-to-shoulder: keeping your business running.

    What you can expect from us:

    • Professional and technical expertise
    • Procurement of rare electronic components
    • Tested quality of the components
    • Direct service from competent employees
    • Global contact and supplier network
    • Close collaboration with suppliers/customers
    • Know-how through years of expertise
    • Attractive price-performance ratio
    • In-depth market knowledge
    • Fast deliveries

    This is what we stand for every day:

    • Covering and securing short-term and long-term component requirements
    • Customer satisfaction through smooth processing and fast delivery times
    • Consistent and tested quality standards
    • Continuous further development of our potential
    • Consistent and always reliable for partners and customers

    Our core values ​​are excellent quality, unconditional reliability and maximum customer satisfaction, as the projects are of the utmost importance.

    Our goal is to provide customized solutions and excellent service to earn our customers’ trust and ensure their utmost satisfaction. We are committed to remaining your reliable partner, providing you with the expertise and support you need to keep your processes running smoothly.

    CHIP GERMANY keeps your business running – Keep Moving!