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New opportunities – new paths

    At CHIP-GERMANY, in addition to our new design, we are offering our customers some exciting new features and services. These include an in-house test lab ((coming soon), modern ESD-compliant warehouse space, the option for call-off contracts, and just-in-time deliveries. In addition, we are working to implement AI reporting for electronic components and offer professional overstock marketing. All of this supports our global and vetted supplier network to provide world-class service to our customers.
    Our mission at CHIP-GERMANY is to make the industry’s sourcing of components seamless and efficient, keeping your production continuously moving. Our motto “”keep Moving”” expresses just that – we understand the critical role that electronic components and semiconductors play in manufacturing and strive to always provide our customers with the components they need, on time and reliably.
    With our future in-house test lab and ESD-compliant storage areas, we ensure the quality and availability of your components. Our flexible call-off contracts and just-in-time deliveries enable you to optimize inventories and minimize production downtime. Thanks to AI reporting, which will be available soon, you will gain valuable insights into the availability status of your electronic components to further reduce downtime. And through our professional excess inventory marketing, we help you monetize unneeded inventory.
    We take pride in being part of your success and keeping your production moving. Our global and audited suppliers are key to achieving this goal by ensuring a reliable supply chain. CHIP-GERMANY is your partner for smooth and efficient procurement, so you can focus on the most important thing: Keeping your production running.