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ESD-safe warehousing Your partner for electronic components and semiconductor chips

At CHIP GERMANY, we know the challenges of electronic components being extremely sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). That is why we attach great importance to ESD-compatible warehousing. This is how we ensure that the quality and reliability of our electronic components and semiconductors are always maintained.
Our modern warehouse is equipped with special ESD protection measures to minimize electrostatic discharges and thus reliably protect your components from damage.
These measures include:
  1. Grounding and dissipation: all our storage areas are properly grounded, and our personnel wear special dissipative protective clothing and ESD-friendly shoes to minimize electrostatic charges.
  2. ESD-friendly packaging: We use ESD-friendly packaging materials to ensure that your electronic components and semiconductor chips are optimally protected at the time of shipment.
  3. Controlled environment: Our storage environment is continuously monitored to ensure that humidity and temperature levels are kept within a range that will not affect electronic components and semiconductors.
  4. Training and awareness: our team is regularly trained in ESD best practices and is aware of the potential risks that can arise from improper handling.
  5. Risk management: we conduct continuous risk assessments to ensure that our ESD protection measures meet the latest industry standards. These stringent ESD measures are an integral part of our efforts to ensure that the electronic components and semiconductor chips we supply reach you in perfect condition. Your projects deserve the highest quality and reliability, and we do everything we can to meet those expectations.
With CHIP GERMANY, you have a trusted partner at your side who not only supplies high-quality electronic components and semiconductors, but also ensures that these components are optimally protected throughout the entire storage and shipping process. Rely on us for ESD-compliant warehousing and focus on driving your innovations forward while we ensure the safety and availability of your components.